Concerned About Your Retirement? 

I’ll Show You How To Create A Retirement Plan That’s Designed To Last Longer Than You™ – Without Annuitized Income Streams Or Stock/Bond Portfolios That Are All At Risk.

Get The Book How To Retire On Time Today And Discover How I Create Retirement Plans Designed To Last Longer Than You – Whether You’re 55 Or 75 Years Old.

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Mike Decker
I help people retire sooner so they have more of their most precious commodity, time. 

    Dear retiree or future retiree,

    My name is Mike Decker, and in my book, How to Retire On Time, I’d like to show you how to design your retirement plan to last longer than you™

    …without using annuitized income streams. 

    …without keeping the majority of your assets at risk in a stock-bond portfolio so that you can sleep well when markets are down. 

      If you are retired or want to retire within the next 10 years, this book is for you.

        Over the past decade of working with people and their retirement, I’ve noticed two common retirement plans. Both tended to be riskier than people had realized.

          Common Investment Strategy #1: The Stock/Bond Portfolio

            The first suggests that you keep the majority of your assets at risk in a stock/bond portfolio and hope that you make it through future market crashes and don’t experience a flat market cycle that lasts longer than 10 years.

            That doesn’t seem prudent when you consider the retirement principle of income, which suggests that you never pull income from accounts that have received significant losses

            For example, if your accounts were down 10 percent, it would take an 11 percent gain just to break even. If your account goes down 30 percent, it would take a 43 percent gain just to break even. If you withdrew income from that account, it would be even harder to recover.

              The greater the loss, the harder it is to recover. When you pull income from an account that has already experienced a significant loss, you accentuate the loss even more, which can compromise your ability to stay retired.

                The idea that you can keep all your assets at risk in a stock/bond portfolio in retirement, which keeps all of your assets at risk, is probably riskier than people realize

                  Common Investment Strategy #2: “Just Buy An Annuity Income Stream”

                    The other common retirement strategy suggests that you lock up a significant amount of your assets into annuitized income streams that may not keep up with inflation. It seems risky to make irrevocable decisions when the financial environment can drastically over 30 years.

                      This is why I wrote, “How to Retire on Time.”

                        It’s the third option for you to consider when putting your retirement plan together. 

                        Inside How to Retire On Time, I’ll share with you my process to create a retirement plan that is designed to last longer than you, including how to:

                          ? Create a plan (not a pie chart) that can tell you year-by-year​ how much income you should be able to expect and the source of that income.

                          ? Determine how soon you can afford to retire by running the numbers with my calculator (It’s easier than you think).

                          ? Minimize your taxes by optimizing your income year over year.

                          ? Optimize your Social Security benefit by considering how when you file can​ affect your income and estate overall.

                          ? Discover the principles of Retirement so you can dynamically adapt and maintain your plan through the different markets.

                          ? Implement a unique portfolio strategy that can help you when the markets go down or stay flat for an extended period of time.

                          ? Diversify your assets by purpose instead of lumping everything together with investment ambiguity.

                          ? Run our self-guided assessments so you can find potential problems before they derail your retirement plans.

                          In addition to sharing my process, I will give you access to my easy-to-use calculator so you can run your numbers and design your plan without having to talk to me or my staff. (You don’t need to be good at technology to be able to use this calculator. It’s that easy!)

                          This book is intended to help you properly prepare for retirement without any pressure from external sources.

                          My hope is that you will be able to retiree sooner so that you have more control of your most precious commodity, time.

                          This is not your normal “retirement” book.

                          It is a map and compass developed to help show you how to get to where you want to go.


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                          Download How to Retire on Time Plus All Seven Bonuses At No Cost.

                          Are you ready to create a retirement plan that is designed to last longer than you™?

                          If you’re ready to discover how I create retirement plans that are designed to last longer than you, then get your copy of How to Retire on Time right now and discover how I…

                          ☑️ Create retirement plans that are designed to last longer than you without relying on annuitized income streams.

                          ☑️ Design portfolios to keep income coming in without accentuating losses when markets are down.

                          ☑️ Prepare clients for when markets crash so they can keep enjoying their retirement when others are experiencing sleepless nights. 

                          ☑️ Minimize taxes by optimizing the sources of income throughout the plan years. 

                          ☑️ Diversify assets into different portfolios based on their purpose.

                          ☑️ Optimize Social Security within the plan so that the overall retirement plan benefits.

                          ☑️ Proactively minimize future tax liabilities each year through a variety of common and not-so-common strategies. 

                          ☑️ Prepare clients for future flat market cycles that could last 10+ years. 

                          ☑️ Anticipate Medicare premiums so that you can potentially pay less when you turn 65.

                          ☑️ Structure charitable giving to your kids and grandkids so you can enjoy your gifts with them while you are alive.

                          And a lot more!

                          Click the button below and get your copy of How to Retire on Time today!

                          This book is a MUST READ for…

                          ? Anyone who wants to retire within the next 10 years and be prepared for when that day comes.

                          ? Professionals who don’t want to retire yet, but want to have everything in order for when it feels like it is time.

                          ? Those who are currently retired and feel like their current plan is either lacking in certain areas or could use an upgrade.

                          ? Individuals who keep delaying their retirement because of current market conditions.

                          ? Anyone who currently has a pie chart as their plan and has questions that are not being answered or addressed.

                          ? Individuals who want a second opinion but don’t want to sit down with other advisors/agents that may be trying to sell a product.

                          ? Anyone that wants to manage their retirement on their own but is unsure where to start or how to put it all together.

                            Are you ready to create a retirement plan that is designed to last longer than you™?

                            You can gain access to How to Retire on Time right now at no cost.

                            It’s normally $14.99 on Amazon.

                            Your digital copy of How to Retire on Time will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how I have been creating retirement plans designed to last longer than my clients for over a decade. 

                            Inside How to Retire on Time, you’ll get access to my software (retirement plan calculator), workbooks, on-demand workshops, self-guided courses, and more.

                            Your purchase today includes all 7 bonuses.

                            I know this seems like information overload, but there’s a lot that goes into a retirement plan. I want to make sure you have the tools and resources needed to achieve the goal, which is helping you create a retirement plan designed to last longer than you™.

                            I’ve done my best to organize everything so you be able to immediately gain new insights while creating your own plan in the comfort of your home. 

                            To make sure you have what you need to accomplish the task at hand, I’m including all 7 bonuses listed below at NO COST with your order today. 

                            These bonuses are designed to complement what you’ll learn inside the book How to Retire on Time

                            Download Your Copy Of How To Retire On Time Right Now And Get All These Bonuses…

                            Bonus #1: Access To The Fresh Wealth Calculator

                            The Fresh Wealth Calculator is an easy-to-use software that can show you what your retirement could look like in 5 min or less. This software will allow you to take what you learn in the book How to Retire on Time and apply it to your unique retirement situation.

                            Run your own numbers. Answer some of retirement’s most difficult questions in minutes. See if you are able to retire sooner than expected or with more income than anticipated.

                            ✔️ Create your plan within minutes. 

                            ✔️ Optimize your results based on your unique situation.

                            ✔️ 100% Private – We don’t require you to enter your name and information to be able to use the calculator.

                              Bonus #2: Design Your Retirement In One Evening

                              The Design Your Retirement In One Evening workbook is designed to take you through, step-by-step, how to apply everything that you will learn from the book.

                              This self-guided workbook can be completed in one evening, answering some of retirement’s most difficult questions.

                              Don’t miss a step with this workbook so that when you are done, you can feel more confident about your financial future and quality of life in retirement. 

                              ✔️ Step-by-step workbook that helps guide you as you create your own retirement plan in the comfort of your home.

                              ✔️ Go at your own pace. You can create your plan in a single evening or take several evenings. It’s up to you.

                              ✔️ Print friendly if you prefer to print it out instead of using the fillable PDF.

                                Bonus #3: Five Unique Portfolios You Can Use

                                There are more ways to design a portfolio than diversifying it with stocks and bonds. This on-demand workshop walks you through five unique ways that you can structure your portfolio for your retirement.

                                This workshop helps you take what you have learned from How to Retire on Time and design a portfolio that is right for you and your unique situation while still following the Principles of Retirement.

                                There’s no reason you should feel obligated to keep most of your assets at risk. There’s also no reason you should feel compelled to place assets into irrevocable income streams. The financial environment changes constantly, and you must be able to adapt to it.

                                This on-demand workshop helps you put the right portfolio together based on your needs.

                                  Bonus #4: Over The Shoulder Case Studies

                                  Follow the author of the book How to Retire on Time as he takes different situations and talks through how to put together a retirement plan.

                                  These over-the-shoulder case studies are intended to help you when you are putting together your own retirement plan.

                                  Gain additional context, insight, and clarity as you follow along in these on-demand case studies.

                                  ✔️ Discover different ways you can prepare your plan and portfolio.

                                  ✔️ ​See how it is done so you can compare notes.

                                  ✔️ ​Pick from a variety of case studies so you can spend your time with the videos that are most relevant to you.

                                    Bonus #5: Social Security Optimization Workshop

                                    If you want to maximize your Social Security benefit, then file at 70 years old. That oversimplified recommendation given by so many advisors today often leaves money left on the table.

                                    The Social Security Optimization Workshop is an on-demand workshop that shows retirees how to use optimize their Social Security benefits to help their retirement plan in a coordinated and comprehensive effort.

                                    The workshop may surprise you, but it is all based on math. Gain access to a unique Social Security Optimization Calculator so that you can run your numbers as you follow along.

                                    ✔️ ​Discover when you should file so your Social Security benefit can help increase your overall income and estate in retirement. 

                                    ✔️ ​Implement Social Security tax savings strategies so you can get more from your Social Security benefit. 

                                    ✔️ ​Gain access to a special Social Security optimization tool.

                                      Bonus #6: Pension vs Lump-Sum Workshop

                                      Which is better, the pension option or taking the lump-sum?

                                      Each option has its own unique benefits and detriments. This workshop guides you through the complexities of a seemly simple decision.

                                      This on-demand workshop will guide you through how to compare both options so you can pick the option that is right for you.

                                      Spoiler alert, what you think you want now may not be what you end up picking once you complete this workshop. Half the attendees typically pick the pension, while the other half typically pick the lump-sum. The choice will depend on the impact of your overall plan and what matters most to you.

                                      ✔️ ​Review the benefits and detriments of the pension and the lump-sum so you can make the right choice for your unique situation.

                                      ✔️ ​Run your numbers so you can determine what is right for you.

                                      ✔️ ​Discover unique strategies for each option.

                                        Bonus #7: How to Retire on Time Audiobook

                                        Prefer listening to your books?

                                        Download now, and you’ll get the professionally narrated audiobook of How to Retire on Time at no additional cost.

                                        Audio files are delivered directly to your email so you can listen on any device.

                                        ✔️ ​Listen on any device that can play audio files (phone, tablet, or computer)

                                        ✔️ ​Professionally narrated so you can enjoy each chapter at your own pace.

                                          Your digital copy of How to Retire on Time will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how I have been creating retirement plans designed to last longer than my clients for over a decade.

                                          Are You Ready to Discover How To Retire A Retirement Plan That Is Designed To Last Longer Than You™?

                                          Planning that can show you, down to the month, net of tax, how much you should be able to spend throughout retirement…

                                          Strategies that can help maintain your income and quality of life during market crashes and/or flat market cycles…

                                          Strategies that help minimize your taxes, one of your biggest retirement expenses… 

                                          … and avoid keeping the majority of your assets at risk in a stock/bond portfolio or locking up your assets in irrevocable annuitized income streams…

                                          Then this is for you.

                                          My latest book, How to Retire on Time, will show you how I take complicated and unique financial situations and create retirement plans that are easy to understand and design them to last longer than you.

                                          You may be wondering, “Why haven’t I heard about this strategy before?” Well, here are two reasons why…

                                          First, the industry is full of powerful influences that want financial advisors to sell the stock/bond portfolio or an annuity and have it annuitized.

                                          These companies make very convincing arguments. Many advisors and agents believe in the story and pitch and follow the path that is laid out for them.

                                          The second reason is it takes a lot of effort for a financial practice to support a plan like this.

                                          Consider how easy it is to sell an annuity. Once the assets are placed inside, the insurance company manages the asset based on how it was allocated.

                                          The advisor or agent really doesn’t have to do much until it is time to turn on the income. Once the time is right, they help the client fill out a form, and it’s done.

                                          Why would an advisor want to create extra work for themselves each year when they can fall in line with what the industry promotes? 

                                          Maybe I’m a fool, but I believe in doing what is right for the client, even if it means more work for me. It’s literally my job, and I take it seriously.

                                          You also may be wondering, “Why am I sharing this information?”

                                          I want to protect people from strategies that I believe are extreme and dangerous. I can’t get behind annuitized income streams as the end-all solution. I also can’t support a retiree keeping all of their assets at risk in a stock/bond portfolio and hoping that the market never crashes again. It’s just not right, in my opinion.

                                          What you’ll find in the book “How to Retire on Time” is a unique way to plan for retirement. You’ll discover many innovative strategies that can help you think outside of the box and shift into a more advantageous position as you get closer to retirement.  

                                          As you’ll soon discover, I don’t hold back in the book. It’s all there. It is so transparent that you could read the book, run your calculations, and manage your retirement without ever talking to me. In my mind, that would still be considered a success.

                                          I wrote this book and am sharing what I’ve learned over the past decade because I want to help you. The best way I know how is to help you get your retirement set up correctly. 

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                                          Get “How to Retire on Time” And All 7 Bonuses Today

                                          ? A Digital Copy of How to Retire on Time

                                          ? Access To The Fresh Wealth Calculator

                                          ? Design Your Retirement In One Evening Workbook

                                          ? Five Unique Portfolios You Can Use Workshop

                                          ? Over The Shoulder Case Studies

                                          ? Social Security Optimization Workshop

                                          ? Pension vs. Lump-Sum Workshop

                                          ? How to Retire on Time Audiobook

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