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Live Events

Discover how to enhance your wealth by attending one of our in-person events, or our digital events (live or on-demand).

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We Offer In-Person & Digital Events

Our classroom-styled events are designed to address different phases of life. Some events are for those who are currently retired, while others are designed to help those who are getting ready for retirement. 

    For those 54 years old or younger

    Prepare to Retire on Time

    This event is for the hard-working professional that wants to be proactive in their retirement preparation so that they can have a smooth transition into retirement and not work longer than necessary.

      For those 55 years old or older

      How to Retire on Time

      This interactive event guides and invites participants to create their own retirement plan while addressing strategies to help overcome some major potential problems. Gain the retirement essentials that can help create a plan that is designed to last longer than you™.

        For those that have not filed for Social Security

        Maximize Your Social Security and Retirement Income

        This event discusses how to optimize your Social Security benefit and overall retirement income so that you can potentially increase your overall quality of life in retirement while lowering your overall risk.

          For those who are concerned about taxes in retirement

          How to Maximize Your Wealth by Minimizing Your Taxes

          Discover unique tax minimization strategies, including alternative investing, that can help you create a multi-year tax minimization plan designed to help you keep more of your money.

            Casual Open Q&A Every Tuesday & Friday at Noon

            Play Some Golf And Plan Your Retirement

            Join us at Top Golf in Overland Park, KS so you can ask one of our financial planners (fiduciary) any question about your retirement or retirement preparation.

              Got 30 Minutes?

              Schedule a 30 min call to learn more and determine if Kedrec is right for you (or not).


                HOW TO RETIRE ON TIME

                In this book, you’ll discover:

                How to run the numbers and see when you can afford to retire (It’s easier than you think).

                ​​Seven common retirement myths that could hinder your ability to retire on time and stay retired.

                ​​Why many common retirement rules may put you at more risk than you realize, and what to do about it.

                ​​Discover proprietary retirement income strategies that may be able to help you have more control over your income while potentially lowering your risk.

                How to proactively anticipate and manage your retirement during the ups and downs.

                Why it’s typically not too late to course-correct. If you have already retired, there’s still time to get on the right path.
                ​​And much more!
                This book is a marketing publication for Kedrec, LLC