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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our services and how we work by reading the frequently asked questions below.

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What is Kedrec?

Kedrec is an independent financial practice that focuses on comprehensive wealth planning and management. Our goal is to provide solutions to your entire wealth management needs, such as wealth planning, investment management, filing taxes, and more. 

We try to simplify the financial riddles that confuse so many people on what next steps should be taken. We bring it all together in a cohesive effort so that you can experience the benefits of working with a financial planner, an insurance agent, a tax professional, and an estate attorney.

Please note, we are not attorneys. We have partnered and work closely with a firm that handles estate planning needs. 

    What makes Kedrec different than other firms?

    We offer comprehensive wealth planning for a flat fee. If you want an on-going relationship, we also offer comprehensive management for a flat annual fee as opposed to a fee based on a percentage of your assets.

    We implement principle-based and balance strategies instead of some of the more common, and in our opinion, extreme strategies.

    Lastly, we created our own planning software that supports our proprietary investment philosophy which helps us design plans to last longer while maintaining a reasonable balance of growth potential, principal protection, and liquidity. 

    Are you fiduciaries?

    Yes. We are legally required to do what is in your best interest. 

      How do you make money?

      Kedrec makes money in three ways. First, we make money from our wealth plan fee and wealth management fee. They are flat and transparent. Second, those who want a portion of their assets managed by our actively traded models, they would be charged a fee based on how much was being managed. Third, the company makes a commission from insurance products used within a plan. 

      How do I become a client?

      Before you decide if you want to become a client or not, we invite you to first go through our planning process and create a Fresh Wealth Plan. Upon completion of that plan, you will be able to decide if you can and want to manage your plan on your own or if you want us to help manage it for you.

      If you decide that you want us to manage it for you, then we will review the details and services among each membership so that you can decide with level of membership is right for you.

        What is your minimum?

        It depends on the service you want. Our goal is to help as many people achieve lifestyle independence (retirement) as we can. For that reason, we typically will plan with anyone, regardless of asset size. The flat fee just has to make sense. The same goes with our wealth management memberships. As long as there seems to be enough of a benefit for you to rationalize the cost, how much you have would not hold you back from becoming a client.

        We do have a $100,000 minimum asset balance for those who want access to our actively traded models. This is to make sure that there is enough in the account to rationalize the activities and trades. Please note, we do not make money on trades. We also do not make commissions from mutual funds, like back-end 12b-1 fees. 

        What services do you offer?

        We offer a long list of services, including investment management, on-going wealth planning, tax filing, estate document updates, and more. The services you get are dependent on which membership you pick.

          How long is your membership agreement? 

          Our memberships are based on annual agreements. This is due to the fact that the majority of work is during tax season. The second largest amount of work is typically done towards the end of the year as we prepare for next year’s plan, income, and other expectations. 

          Do I need to create a plan in order to work with you?

          If you want us to manage your wealth, yes, you will need to create a plan first. If you only want access to our actively traded models and not create a plan, then you would only need to have a brief suitability conversation to help ensure the models appropriate for you. Then you would be able to have access to those models. 

            Who owns Kedrec?

            Kedrec is owned by its founder, Michael Decker. He intended to maintain ownership so that he can maintain the integrity of the firm and its reputation.

            We are independent. We do not have any private equity or venture capital funds invested in the firm. That means we do not have to meet the typical high-profit expectations that others may be asked to meet. The independence and not accepting outside investors is intentional as we never want to be influenced to forget our primary focus, which is to do what is right for the client at all times. 

            I didn’t see my question here…

            Our Frequently Asked Questions page is updated frequently. If you have a question that was not answered above, chances are, someone else has that same question.

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