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How much is a year of your life worth?

Once you retire, you have a certain amount of opportunities left; only so many holidays with the family, only so many trips while you’re healthy. The purpose of a comprehensive retirement plan is to support your lifestyle and help you enjoy those opportunities, even during difficult market conditions.

Step 1: Create A Comprehensive Plan

  • Create a plan that follows the principles of retirement.
  • Implement strategies that allow you to keep income coming in, regardless of market conditions.
  • Deliberately structure the plan to support the lifestyle you want during the different phases of retirement.

Step 2: Consider Additional Ways To Invest

  • Implement the Principal Guaranteed Reservoir™ strategy.
  • Consider probability and directional investment models.
  • Structure your portfolio for growth potential, principal protection, and liquidity among the different investments and products.

Step 3: Manage And Protect Your Plan

  • Follow the year-by-year guidance the plan offers.
  • Continually improve your financial situation with income optimization, tax minimization, and more
  • Create and maintain your estate documents.

What Can Kedrec Do For You?

Our goal is to help you stay retired, regardless of market conditions. That’s why we create Fresh Wealth Plans, comprehensive retirement plans that are designed to last longer than you so you can spend your time, your most precious commodity, however you want.

If you are currently retired and decide you want to work with us, you should expect to get the following…

Dedicated Financial Planner

Work with a dedicated financial planner (fiduciary) who knows you, your wants, and your needs.

Wealth Management

The coordination of comprehensive financial and tax strategies designed to maximize one’s wealth and lifestyle. We review financial plans twice per year so that we can help maintain expectations and help support the quality of life expected.

Retirement Preparation

Starting 10 years before the anticipated retirement date, we will begin suggesting potential and often essential adjustments needed to help create a smooth financial and emotional transition into retirement. This service covers both financial planning and development and personal development.

Passive Portfolio Management

We will create and manage a custom passive portfolio designed to support the plan and its goals.

401(k) Guidance 

Kedrec will review and suggest potential adjustments to your 401(k), 403(b), and other retirement accounts with a passive portfolio strategy, including occasional rebalances. We will also consult on new 401(k) rollovers into new plans, traditional IRAs, and other options.

Debt Management

It does not always make sense to pay off debt. We will review and advise on when it might make sense to pay off debt and help ensure the overall financial goals are met.

Annual Tax Filing

We will review and file your taxes every year. We file an extension for each client so we can spend more time reviewing the previous tax year and preparing for the year ahead.

Tax Minimization Management

At the end of the year, we will perform an exhaustive review designed to find and implement tax minimization strategies. Such strategies include but are not limited to IRA to Roth conversions, tax loss harvesting, income management, and so on.

Legacy Planning

Create and maintain plans that support how you want your asset to pass to your beneficiaries so probate does not decide for you.

Estate Plan Creation & Updates

Create and update as needed your estate plan documents, including a revocable trust, schedule of assets, last will and testament, HIPAA authorization, living will, power of attorney, and certification of trust.

Retirement Income Planning

Coordinate all sources of income, including Social Security benefits, pensions, income from your assets and portfolio, and more, so that you can calculate and see how much income you can take in retirement until age 100.

Retirement Income Management

Annually review, adjust, and distribute assets to help maximize income and financial goals without compromising the overall plan with unnecessary tax burdens.

Pension Analysis

If you have a pension, determine what it would look like if you took the pension option or the lump-sum option so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Social Security Optimization

Implement strategies designed to help maximize your Social Security benefit while considering how your Social Security benefits also play a role in the overall plan. “If you file too early, your income could be hurting. If you file too late, you could be hurting your estate.” In order to optimize your Social Security, you must consider all external factors as well.

Medicare Planning

Prepare your wealth plan and strategies so you can obtain the right coverage for you at the lowest cost. Even after the age of 65, Medicare/Medicaid Planning must continue to provide optimal benefits to the client.

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Management

Prepare your assets now so that when you start taking Required Minimum Distributions, you will not be forced into higher tax brackets. RMD Management also helps to ensure that clients never miss their annual required distribution.

Survivor Assistance

Upon your passing, we will help your executor fulfill your estate plans. We will not act as an executor for any estate.

Retirement Transition Coaching

Retirement can be a difficult transition. Our Retirement Transition Coaching helps individuals and families successfully transition into retirement while working to help avoid the loss of identity or depressive feelings.

Educational Events & Courses

Though we are a wealth management company, we believe it is important to also partake in self-development and health development. We bring in external specialists to give guidance in other areas that may help clients maximize their quality of life.

Our Fee Structure Is A Little Different

What services you want/need will be different than someone else. We believe that when a comprehensive plan is created and funded correctly, many people would be able to manage it on their own. So, instead of forcing you into a fee structure that may not make sense, we set it up so you get to pick the service(s) you want.

Three ways you could hire us…

  • Pay for a plan and then manage it on your own.
  • Pay for a plan and then decide later to have us manage it for you.
  • Skip the plan, move assets over, and have us manage your assets for you right away.

If you want to pay for the plan only, then you will pay a fixed fee that ranges between $0 and $5,000, depending on the complexity of the plan. Most plans tend to cost around $500 to create.

If you want us to manage your assets for you while you are retired (full-service), we charge a fixed fee that ranges between $0 and $833 per month (up to $10,000 per year). Most people tend to pay around $500 per month or so. Please note this membership rate is based on the amount of work expected to work with those who have retired. 

If you want access to the probability models and/or the directional models (actively managed accounts), those assets will be subject to an additional 1% fee per year, broken down and billed monthly. These models are optional and should be considered based on your risk tolerance.  

Though our fee structure is different, it was designed to put your interests first. Many people that use our services see a reduction in their overall fees.

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